If you feel like you’ve tried everything with your horse, don’t give up yet. The answer
is here! We provide private training right at your home or facility.  Whether it's a colt
that needs that first ride, rehabilitation of a rescue horse with a questionable
background, or a pasture pet that's been idle for a couple of years, we can establish a
solid foundation of education. This foundation is what many horses are missing and is
the primary cause of behavior challenges, confidence issues, and barriers to a
partnership with your horse.   Every moment we spend with our horses, we are training
them. Your horse remembers your responses to his behavior and if your reactions are
not consistent and clear, your horse will become confused and behave erratically. This
is how "problem horses" are created. Communication, not domination, develops a
well-trained horse.  It’s never too late for your horse to become more relaxed, soft and
respectful. We also teach basic horsemanship skills at the same time to help you build
a strong leadership role with your horse.

We start with ground training on every horse we work with to establish a base line for
the horse to build from. We use solid horsemanship skills, without any gimmicks or
lunging the horse to exhaustion.  Our approach is results-based and presented in a way
that your horse can clearly understand. Horses don't care what riding style we may
prefer, they only care how we go about communicating with them.  This line of
communication is established most effectively and clearly through body language and
the correct timing of the release of pressure. Knowing there will be a release each and
every time pressure is applied will create a soft and willing horse.  I use horsemanship
that is based off of the horses way of communicating and learning, with a strong
influence in the traditional Vaquero style of horsemanship, combined with my
personal approach of mutual respect and trust.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a challenge you're having with your
horse, please feel free to
contact us.  You"ll be happy you did!

            ~References from
many happy clients available on request~
Professional Horse Training
Building a solid foundation of knowledge for both horse and owner.
EricNeilsen training Cheyenne
You only get one chance for that first
ride...make it the best experience
you can for your horse!
Groundwork paves the way for
success in the saddle.
Eric Neilsen training Rudy
Eric Neilsen training Indy
Trust and communication are key
elements in leadership.
Eric Neilsen
Equine Services
Eric Neilsen
Equine Services
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Eric Neilsen
Equine Services
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"When working with horses, my goal is always to build their trust in me,
confidence within themselves and a line of communication between us both"