Our commitment is to achieve balance and support of your horse through proper
hoof care to insure their health and soundness.  When we train horses, we always
work with the way nature designed them to perform.  It is no different with their
feet.  We strive to get your horses' feet functioning the way nature designed them
to work by providing equilibrium around the coffin bone, establishing proper
breakover and engaging the back of the foot. We would love the chance to earn
your business!  Please give us a call and see how we can help your horse.
  • On-time to Apointments
  • Honest Answers
  • Professional, Friendly Service
  • Clean up after job
  • Craftsmanship
  • Skilled Horsemanship
What You Can Expect
The Healthy Hoof
Farrier Services
If you have a horse that has been unable to have their feet trimmed because they
are fearful or ill-mannered, we can help.  We offer special training sessions to get
a horse calm, relaxed, and able to handle their feet. Within one or two sessions,
we have trimmed horses, which sedation from a veterinarians didn't help. Plus,
you will have a more quiet and gentle horse.  
Contact us for availability.
Eric Neilsen
Equine Services
Eric Neilsen
Equine Services
Contact: Eric or Yevette
Phone: 425-295-1970
Email: info@enequine.net
King County, Washington
& surrounding areas.
Eric Neilsen
Equine Services
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"A true horseman never feels they're God's gift to horses but rather horses are
God's gift to us, we need to treat them with respect"