Horse Health
Gear and Tack ( Buy quality gear! It saves money in the long run and your horse will thank you.
Horsemanship (Men that have influenced my horsemanship directly and indirectly)
Mission Farrier School - dedicated to offering a common sense approach to maintenance of the
equine hoof, drawing on Natural Balance principles, traditional craftsmanship, and the increasingly improved
technology available in the farrier industry today.
Links to some great sites!
Dave Ellis Tents - Makes the finest canvas tents and teepees in North America.
Mark Plumlee Custom Saddles - building quality ranch style saddles for the professional and the pleasure rider.
Outfitters Pack Station - offering high quality pack saddles, horse packing equipment as well as camping
supplies for the backcountry horse person.
Jon Ensign - Helping train riders to build a working relationship with their horses which comes from a deep
understanding of equine thinking, instincts and behavior.  
Wild Horse & Burro
Internet Adoption Program
Adopt A Legend
Out West Saddlery - specialize in very high quality, creative, truly one of a kind cowboy gear.
Cactus Saddle Pads - 100% Merino Wool lining offers the maximum comfort for the horse and specifically
designed for lasting quality.
Joe Wolter - A humble man that is friend to horse and rider. Joe is a great horseman that learned first
hand from Bill Dorrance and Ray Hunt.  
Richard Caldwell - Richard is a exceptional horseman that only uses the traditional Vaquero style methods to
work with horses and cattle.
Chris Bohenek - Chris has an excellent understanding and knowledge of the Vaquero or Californio philosophy
and style of horsemanship.
Bryan Neubert - Bryan Is an amazing Horseman and a real hand at working wild horses with a gentle touch.
Chris Cox - As one of this country’s leading horsemen and clinicians, Chris Cox has dedicated his life to
learning from the greatest teacher of all, the horse.
Buck Brannaman - Buck is an extraordinary horseman and a leading practitioner within the field of natural
Richard Winters - For nearly three decades Richard has dedicated himself to honing his horsemanship skills
and to passing this knowledge onto others.
Jeff Sanders - Jeff is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the original California Bridle and
Hackamore horse as well as the skills of the California Vaquero
Local Events
Jeremiah Watt Snaffle Bits - One of the best balanced, all round snaffle bits on the market for the price. ( I
recommend Stainless Steel for the Northwest)
Colt Starting Challenge USA - Watch four trainers gentle a horse in 3 1/2 hours over two days.
Mark Rahid - Mark is an internationally acclaimed horse trainer known for his ability to understand the horse’s
point of view and solve difficult problems with communication rather than force.
Washington State Horse Expo - A three day event that has something for everyone who loves horses.
Rosebud River Ranch
Snoqualmie's premiere,
full-service boarding, event,
and training facility.
Northwest Equine Veterinary Associates - has proudly provided the highest standard of compassionate
veterinary care for over 20 years to horses of all ages, breeds and disciplines in the Seattle, Puget Sound and
surrounding areas of Washington State.
Eric Neilsen
Equine Services
Eric Neilsen
Equine Services
Contact: Eric or Yevette
Phone: 425-295-1970
King County, Washington
& surrounding areas.
Eric Neilsen
Equine Services
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