Bringing in the herd
Eric grew up in Central Oregon with horses as a way of life.  During his teenage
years, he was Lead Wrangler for the local stables in Sunriver, OR.  He taught riding
skills, guided pack trips, trained horses, worked with the local farrier, and was hired
by ranches as a working cowboy.

After high school, Eric enlisted in the US Navy and entered the US Navy SEAL
program.  Out of the 120 men that started the eight month training course, only 18
made it to the end, Eric earned top honors and was Honorman of BUD’S Class
186.  He served his country for eight years as a member of the US Navy SEAL
Teams.  After the military, Eric and his family moved to the Pacific Northwest and
started Eagle Rock Ranch in Okanogan County, located in the high country of
Aeneas Valley.  As the ranch grew, Eric went back to what he loved most and has
dedicated himself to becoming the best Horseman he can be.  

Eric graduated from Mission Farrier School with a world class education in hoof
science and Natural Balance principles.  He also had the great opportunity in the
summer of 2012 to be a US Forest Service packer for the
Rocky Mountain Specialty
Pack String, based out of Shawnee, CO.  Using nine mules, he packed in over 600
loads of supplies and equipment through out Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska.

Today, he is the owner of Eric Neilsen Equine Services where he provides full-time
professional horse training, private horsemanship lessons, and farrier work.  In
every thing he does, he strives to build a solid foundation that gives both horse and
owner the opportunity for success.
Bringing in the herd, Sunriver, OR
Somewhere off the coast of S. Korea
Eric Neilsen riding a young colt
Giving a young horse work experience at
Eagle Rock Ranch.
eric Neilsen Paking with 9 mules in Colorado
Packing 6x6 timbers into the
San Juan Wilderness, CO.
Eric Neilsen Jumping for C-130
Jumping into the unknown.
Eric Neilsen in Colt Starting Competition
Colt starting competition.
Eric Neilsen
Equine Services
Eric Neilsen
Equine Services
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King County, Washington
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Eric Neilsen
Equine Services
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